Aviation Support offers a wide range of advice and services with regard to obtaining a license to operate a heliport and also handles all other applications for permits such as the permit for temporary and exceptional use (TUG) on the basis of current aviation legislation and EU guidelines.
Aviation Support specialises in helicopter operations and the aviation infrastructure, such as airports and heliports.
For new heliports Aviation provides support:

For new heliports Aviation support takes care of:

  • the heliport planning;
  • determination of the location in relation to flight safety;
  • calculating the 56 Lden noise contour on the basis of the Decree and the civil airports regulation;
  • calculating the local risk contour of 10-6, based on the Decree and the Civil Aviation Regulations;
  • the investigation into the influence of the Nature Conservation Act and Natura 2000 areas, including the application of a possible exemption based on that Act;
  • the formal permit application to the (Provincial) authorities, including the project formulation and concept development;
  • and finally the entire establishment, based on the Safe Use Airports Regulation and the technical requirements included in Appendix 14 to the Chicago Convention (ICAO Annex 14, Volume II Heliports);
  • Furthermore, we can take care of the complete design such as paving / hardening, layout and drainage, lighting and other visual aids, fuel and fire extinguishers, etc.

Aviation Support takes care of existing airports, heliports and offshore helidecks:

  • carrying out inspections prior to the official safety inspection by the CAA  (IL&T)
  • Where required, setting up a safety management system, including the necessary audit activities – and writing company manuals.


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