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Aviation Support has been a household name in aviation advice for many years.
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Aviation Support specializes in advising on the construction and installation of heliports and in connection therewith the interpretation of the latest aviation regulations and the international ICAO standards, laid down in annex 14 part 1 aerodromes and part 2 heliports. But we also deal with questions in the field of European aviation regulation.


From 1 November 2009, the issuing of a license by the CAA for the operation of a heliport at a hospital or a business related heliport, was transferred to the Provinces.
Existing licenses issued by the CAA on the basis of the BIGNAL Decree had to be issued by the province concerned within 2 years (1 November 2011). This transition is still not completed in some cases. An additional problem is that the Provincial Councils must establish the permit by ordinance and that in most cases the Provincial Councils only meet once every two months. It is therefore important to ensure that the transition from a license for an existing heliport to a provincial ordinance, is well prepared. This goes certainly also with regard to obtaining a permit for a new business-related heliport. In both cases, Aviation Support can assist you in this.

Now that each province is going to develop its own policy, there is a threat of legal inequality for helicopter aviation in the Netherlands. What is permitted in one province is banned or restricted in the other province. Aviation Support keeps a close eye on this undesirable situation and will report this to the responsible national government.


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